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10yd 16ft. Angle Rolloff, Cable
10yd 16ft. Angle Rolloff, Cable 10yd 20ft. Angle Rolloff, Cable
40yd Angle Rolloff, Deadlift with Belly Band
8yd Front Load Standard Slant
40yd Angle Rolloff, Deadlift with Belly Band 20yd Angle Rolloff, Cable & Hook Combo

316” Floor, 20 ft. outside length (Custom lengths available)
• 12 Gauge door & front with: 20yd & under: 10gauge sides, 25yd & up: 7 gauge sides
• Tapered construction for easier dumping
• Top reinforcing 3”x4”x316” tubing, 2”x6”x316” front uprights, and fully welded top corner gussets
• Choice of ¼” flat or ¾” Dia. ladder rung style tarp rails, with tarp hooks front & rear
• ¾” Dia. ladder rung style, standard placement is front corner driver side & rear corner passenger side
• Industrial enamel primer & paint
• Containers are delivered completely assembled & ready for use. Including: Caution/Warning decals, D.O.T.   Reflective Tape & any Customer supplied decals
• 3”H Structural channel 18” on center, with full 3”H structural channel apron
• 138” Thick solid bullnose inserted 2” into rails into 2”x6”x316” rails
• Rear Rollers - 8” Dia.x10”W with grease zerks & ½” thick wheel plate
• Constructed with 12 gauge door sheet and frames of 3”x4”x316” tubing upright on the hinge side, 2”x3”x316”   tubing on the latch side, and 2”x3”x316” tubing horizontal cross-members (No formed channel)
• Doors are on top of floor and come with a door sweep to prevent nails & shingles, ect. from falling out during   transport. Guide support latch side of door
• Extra heavy-duty door hinges with grease zerks. Each hinge assembly covers 1 linear foot of door surface. 20yd   & under: 2 hinges, 30yd: 3 hinges, and 40yd & up: 4 hinges
• Door safety chain uses a heavy-duty quick snap with both, Swing Lever or Ratchet latch system. (Safer & more   user friendly)
Hook Styles
• Cable-1¾” Cable hook with ¾” thick plate & 4” Dia.x6”W Front Rollers with grease zerks & ½” thick support
• Hook-2”x6”x316” A-frame with 2½” Dia. pin/bar & 58” thick hook plates
• Deadlift

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