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8yd Rear Load Stackable
4yd Rear Load Stackable
8yd Rear Load Stackable 4yd Rear Load Stackable
10yd Rear Load Stackable
8yd Front Load Standard Slant
10yd Rear Load Stackable 2yd Rear Load Stackable

• True to Gauge, Prime 12 gauge body & floor panels
• All body panels are fully welded, with fully welded 10 gauge bumpers
• Three 1½”H x 3”W structural bottom channels on 4yds & larger
• All exterior channel is structural (No formed channel is used)
• 1” Dia. solid steel rear lift hooks
• ¾” Dia. pull handles welded to front of container, standard on 3yds & up
• One ¾” Dia. threaded drain with plug per container
• 1½” Dia. Solid steel trunion bar on 1-3yd containers & 1¾” Dia. on 4yds & larger
• Single wall, vacuum formed HDPE plastic lids supplied by Impact Plastics
• ½” Dia. Zinc plated steel lid rods with Nylock nuts on one end
• Steel serial # tag welded on all containers
• 6” Dia. Polyolefin casters with greaseable roller bearings on 1-3yds (2-Swivel & 2-Rigid)
• Industrial enamel primer & paint supplied by Sheboygan Paint Co.
• Containers are delivered completely assembled & ready for use. Including: Caution/Warning decals, D.O.T.    Reflective Tape & any Customer supplied decals

Available Options:

Click on Container Dimensions Below to see Drawing
Capacity NonStackable
Lids HxW Weight
1 Cubic Yard w/Casters 46"x78"x32¾" 2-31"x30" 345 lbs
1½ Cubic Yard w/Casters 48"x78"x38" 2-31"x38" or 1-62½"x38" 385 lbs
2 Cubic Yard w/Casters 54"x78"x37" 2-31"x44" or 1-62½"x44"
(NonStackable 2-31"x38"
             or 1-62½"x38")
460 lbs
3 Cubic Yard
     w/Casters & Pan
NA 2-31"x38" or 1-62½"x38" 640 lbs
3 Cubic Yard w/Casters NA Back 2-31"x30"
Front 2-31"x38" or 1-62½"x38"
670 lbs
4 Cubic Yard 4-31"x38" or 2-62½"x38" 880 lbs
6 Cubic Yard 6-31"x38" or 3-62½"x38" 1,180 lbs
8 Cubic Yard 6-31"x38" or 3-62½"x38" 1,320 lbs
10 Cubic Yard 55"x78"x176" 6-31"x38" or 3-62½"x38" 1,495 lbs