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Low Profile Lugger
Standard Lugger
Low Profile Lugger Standard Lugger
Sludge Lugger
Sludge Lugger High Back Lugger

316” Walls, ¼” Floors & Dump end
• Corners wrapped with ¼” thick steel
• 4” Channel around perimeter of container
• 3” Channel floor stiffeners
• 6” Channel at lift pins
38 Lift pin support plates
316” Side bump plates below lift pins
• 1½” Dia. drain with plug
• Industrial enamel primer & paint
• Containers are delivered completely assembled & ready for use. Including: Caution/Warning decals, D.O.T.
   Reflective Tape & any Customer supplied decals

Available Options: Dump Hooks
  Rear Doors Fully Gusseted Floor & Dump Ends

Capacity Standard High Back Low Profile Sludge
6 Cubic Yard 50"x68"x120" NA NA NA
8 Cubic Yard 54"x66"x141" 54"x68"x141" NA 42"x68"x156"
10 Cubic Yard 60"x68"x151½" 72"x68"x145" 60"x68"x151½" 60"x68"x153"
12 Cubic Yard 72"x68"x151" 72"x68"x151" 39"x68"x192" 77"x68"x152½"
14 Cubic Yard 84"x68"x168½" 78"x68"x169½" NA 75"x68"x171"
16 Cubic Yard 84"x68"x168½" 84"x68"x169½" 65"x68"x195" 75"x68"x195"
18 Cubic Yard 84"x68"x186½" NA NA NA
20 Cubic Yard 84"x66"x194" 84"x68"x194½" 66"x68"x229½" 84"x68"x213"