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2yds Stack easily for Storage
3yd Front Load Plastic
2yds Stack easily for Storage 3yd Front Load Plastic
2yd Front Load Plastic w/Decal Plate
8yd Front Load Standard Slant
2yd Front Load Plastic w/Decal Plate 4yd Front Load Plastic

• Replaceable plastic tub with two 2” Dia. drains with plugs
• 10 Year Warranty
• Tub colors are: Brown, Gray, Green, Red, Black, & Dark Blue
• 12 Gauge steel frame with 10 gauge 8”H x 24”L pockets
• 10 Gauge x 2”H x 4”W structural bottom channel runs side to side. Asphalt surfaces are less susceptible to    damage & container will not crush in at bottom. Floor is suspended off ground adding years of service
• One ¾” Dia. threaded drain with plug per container
• All containers come with pickup points for booming containers on site
• ½” Dia. Zinc plated steel lid rods with a Nylock nut on one end on 3-4yds, ¾” Dia. Plastic lid rod on 2yds
• Single wall, vacuum formed HDPE plastic lids supplied by Impact Plastics
• Steel serial # tag welded on all containers
• 6” Dia. Polyolefin casters with greaseable roller bearings on 1-3yd containers (2-Swivel & 2-Rigid)
• Industrial enamel primer & paint
• Containers are delivered completely assembled & ready for use. Including: Caution/Warning decals, D.O.T.    Reflective Tape & any Customer supplied decals (see decal plate size below)

Available Options:

Click on Container Dimensions Below to see Drawing
Capacity HxWxD Lids HxW Weight
2 Cubic Yard w/Casters 2-38"x41" 367 lbs
3 Cubic Yard w/Casters 2-37"x54" 472 lbs
4 Cubic Yard w/Casters 2-36"x58" 560 lbs