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Dock Cart, Front
2yd Front Load with Autolock
Dock Cart, Front Dock Cart, Back
1.5yd Dock Cart
1yd Dock Cart
1.5yd Dock Cart 1yd Dock Cart

• True to Gauge, Prime 12 gauge body & floor panels                    Custom Sizes Available
• 3" Formed channel and wrapped corners
• ¼" Thick bump plates and outriggers
• Dump & Push handles
• 6” Dia. Polyolefin casters with greaseable roller bearings on 1-3yd containers (2-Swivel & 2-Rigid)
• Industrial enamel primer & paint
• Containers are delivered completely assembled & ready for use. Including: Caution/Warning decals, D.O.T.    Reflective Tape & any Customer supplied decals

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Capacity Stackable
1 Cubic Yard w/Casters ?? lbs
1½ Cubic Yard w/Casters ?? lbs
2 Cubic Yard w/Casters ?? lbs